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    Corporate Member Overview

  • bottish Partner Network

    Our network consists of organizations offering various services to our members and make strategic contributions to the growth of the bottish association.

    Powering the Bot Economy on Blockchain

    bottish association distribute the SEED Tokens (SEED) allocated to Partner as Partner decides in Partner’s discretion, provided the distributed SEED are subject to the terms and conditions of the SV platform.

    The perfect solution for live Group Video Calls and Webinars

    eyeson supports the bottish community since many years. Now all members get a 40% discount on all eyeson PRO licenses. Find out more about eyeson and try for free without any installation.

    Honeycombs for ideas, experts and communities. Since 2010.

    beeq is a community builder, like healthetia, XING Zürich and bottish. We provide the association members support and feedback for building similar concepts.

    The evaluation of medical and biological data are the basis of future diagnoses, treatments and medications. We accompany you to success.

    Intelligent diagnostics, personalized medicine and smart hospital, they all have something in common. The choice of the most important application for the digital hospital - the Patient-Data-Management-System (PDMS). We represent COPRA, the most successful PDMS-System in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Our intuitive user interfaces, technical standards and last but not least, forward-looking algorithms in diagnoses, therapies and results, makes COPRA popular, for both university and private hospitals. The success story continues. Contact us for an easy and quick demonstration, onsite or remote.