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    AI, Bots, Robotics, Blockchain are transforming the business.

    Who shapes the world of tomorrow?

  • Welcome to the next bottish!

    We are now an independent, non-profit organization, based in Switzerland

    Established to build the world’s leading AI and blockchain technologies eco system. We support and connect startups and enterprises through our well known digital conference, identify projects across verticals by organizing executive circles and other industry events.


    With active connections to similar communities and meetups around the world we also ensure bottish’s participation in the global efforts to foster AI and blockchain technology innovation.

  • Join us now

    We offer various memberships; either as an individual member, or as a corporate including startups, NGOs, associations, communities, service providers or as a company.

    Individual Membership

    CHF 150/year



    CHF 250/year



    CHF 500/year

    Corporate Members

    CHF 2'500/year

    Service Providers


    CHF 5'000/year

  • Terms & Conditions

    Corporate membership includes individual membership benefits for one person i.e. the corporate membership account holder. All other individuals at the organization require their own individual memberships with a 50% discount.


    By paying the membership fee, you confirm that you have taken note of the Articles of Association.You are applying for membership from the date of payment. A payment receipt will be sent to the email provided.

    First Year Pro Rata Fees

    In accordance with Article 18 of our association articles, the membership fee is charged annually on January 1st. For new members, the first year fee is a pro-rata amount of the annual membership fee based on the joining date.

    Membership Termination

    By choosing to become a member, individuals and organizations give consent to the association to hold information including names, postal addresses and email addresses. Should members wish to cancel their membership, they may either not renew their membership at the end of a calendar year or contact the president of the association to terminate their membership early. In either case, data will be retained regarding activity with the Association like payment records etc. Membership termination is subject to Article 6 of the association's articles.